Scooter Revolt

When outsite it is not reainig i get on the bike anr rush to work, but sometimes I wonder if there is some alternative to a bike that will also let me breath with the fresh morning air.

I became intrested in something Electric to drive with it when I will be to exhausted to use my muscles and just relax while driveing. Unfortunately, all that was bearable and acceptable for me looked like a kid scooter with motor attached, and not necessarily suit me on design.

But that changed when I read an article about something that combines an electric kid scooter with real scooter and for that ….. looks good.

Ale to się zmieniło gdy natrafiłem na artykuł o czymś co łączy elektryczną hulajnogę ze skuterem i do tego….. wygląda.

It is produced by Gogor and it is technologically advanced product that definitely goes in my design taste.


You do not need to have power outlet close at hand because they are provideing battery replacement stations and chengeing it  is child’s play. You simply leave your dead battery and take a new fully charged, it can’t be more simple.



We will probavly wait for a while for this anizing thin but it can mobilize others to introduce some alternative.



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