Wide horizons – Many screens in practice

I have been working on many screens from a long time and I feel significant increase in performance of my work and my frustration have gone.

I remember question that I have received, long time ago, from my boss “Does many screen really increase performance, Arek?” I replied that of course you feel and see difference in performance. In that time my knowledge in this topic was based on one article that I have read somewhere in Internet, and it was based on experience (I was only one in company that was using 2 monitors that time),  I knew that adding a single monitor increases productivity by at least 30%. But it is time to verify my knowledge and here are the results.

We can read from the interesting publication produced by Dell – “Dual Monitors Boost Productivity, User Satisfaction” that second monitor not only decreases the duration of the activity but it speed up finding information that we need.  If we extrapolate this in to the numbers we have 44 percent increase in speed if you are working on the text and 29 percent when you work on the files. And one thing that excited me an PM is a profit of 40 minutes each business day, wow.

What if you have a laptop? Most laptops has an output for additional monitor, some have additional HDMI output which allows us to connect two additional monitors.  Sam worked for many years on the laptop and additional monitor was always in the office. But what if you work out of office? It’s not a problem in 21st century u can use USB. An interesting solution for USB monitor is ASUS monitor which also has a touch panel not only gain a larger working space but also increase the functionality of our mobile office.

I didn’t spend much time to be sure that my knowledge is still actual, productivity growth is significant, but you need to remember that there is a limit of enlarging your workspace, for me two 23 inch monitors is enough, everything above that will only digress and expose yourself to neck injury.

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